There it is! Right where I left it.

Going home after being on vacation sucks and inspires mixed emotions.

…And there it is, right where I left it. Some great things like my dog Shayna. The pet nanny took good care of her and I am greeted with howling, barking and tons of kisses but when I sit down to pet her she turns her back and won’t look at me. Poor puppy, she is also experiencing mixed emotions. She is glad to see me, but angry I left her. My mixed emotions are a bit more complex. There is a week’s worth of mail that needs sorting, unpacking, and tons of laundry, and I don’t want to do any of it. And then there are the emotional bags that I tried, somewhat successfully, to leave at home. My life is good. I launched Sister Weekend, LLC after 8 years of just thinking about it and 2 years of planning. I am able to see the many blessings in my life, but this past year has been emotionally painful because of a strained relationship with someone who is very important to me. My existence is a balance of joy and pain. Being able to hold such conflicting emotions at the same time is bizarre, and new to me.

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