Muumuu Memories

Growing up isister_weekend_logo_final_approved_redn the 1960’s and 70’s the “muumuu” aka the “housedress” was what your mother wore at home. One of my precious muumuu memories was watching my mother get ready to walk me and my sister to school. My mom would hike up her muumuu, secure it with a diaper pin, then button up her stylish turquoise raincoat over the muumuu. I remember my beautiful mother with her jet black hair, set perfectly each week at the beauty parlor and that fashionable raincoat. When I designed the chichi shirt I had a priority list: it needed to be soft and comfortable, it had to dry quickly when I was sweating, and it had to be flattering. I wanted the chichi shirt to be used like the muumuu but more stylish so you could step outside the house and not feel like you needed my mother’s turquoise raincoat to cover it. I sleep in my chichi shirt and in the morning put on leggings and a bra and take the dog for a walk, and I don’t feel the need to hide under a jacket because I am fully dressed and feel comfortable. I love hearing my customers reminisce about their muumuu memories. It’s the connection that I make with my customers that I most adore about my company. I love providing a quality product and the sentimental conversation it inspires.

This is not your mother’s muumuu, it’s the new muu!

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