Sisters on vacation


A little background – I need to explain what the word “sister” means to me and where the name of my company, Sister Weekend, LLC comes from. Me, my sister, my cousin and her daughter get together every 4-6 weeks to have our gray hair colored and cut, then we eat lunch, shop, have cocktails, shop some more, then eat again. We are together from early in the day until late night when we sadly have to part ways. We each live over an hour from each other but the meeting place is the hair salon. Many years ago we decided that one day at the salon was not enough so we started taking weekends away and then it turned into a week away. Cousin Gail rents a beach house and invites the sisters for a week each summer to sun, fun, talk, laugh and sometimes cry.

I actually have only have one “sister” who shares the same mother, her name is Gaye and our mom is Marsha. Then there is our cousin Gail and her daughter Cori, I call them my sisters! and then there are other relations and friends, and I refer to them as my sisters also. I view other women as my sisters. Our species, the female species is unique and wonderful and complex and by calling other women my sisters it reminds me that we are so similar in significant ways.

So, we are currently enjoying the beach house. Gaye and I wake up in the morning and join the others who are already out on the deck. Three of the woman drinking coffee and one of them with her magnified mirror and tweezer dealing with those damn facial hairs that are so hard to see unless you have the right angle and enough light. I now understand why Grandma Anne had a mirror and tweezer on the window sill, She was being vigilant about the damn facial hair.

Oh, and here’s the cruel joke about those facial hairs. just as they begin sprouting up in places  that you never thought could grow hair… your eyesight gets worse and you cant see them unless you have your glasses, a magnified mirror, a tweezer, and sunlight. I once found a hair growing out of my neck that over an inch long. There it was flapping in the wind. When I was younger and would see women with chin hairs I would wonder why they didn’t just pluck that right out, but now understand.



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