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Sister Weekend Gift Card

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Sister Weekend Gift Card
Sister Weekend Gift Card

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Sister Weekend Gift Card

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Sister Weekend gift card for $75.

ChiChi’s Shirt makes a great gift for that woman in your life who’s hot, sexy, and cool.

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Wedding Day: Before the Dress

We don’t mean for you to wear it down the aisle, well you could.

ChiChi’s Shirt is perfect to wear while having your hair and makeup done. Why? It buttons down the front so you don’t have to lift it over your head when it’s time to get into your dress. ChiChi’s Shirt will also keep you cool while preparing for your Big Day! Put on ChiChi’s Shirt with a pair of leggings, and you have a comfy great looking outfit.

Why not personalize it with a monogram as gifts for your bridal party. You can do so easily, just choose your option above.



  1. Marsha O'Brien says:


  2. Meme Gail says:

    Wear my shirts all the time. Love them!

  3. Victoria Wense says:

    BRILLIANT idea! The designs and the materials are great. You girls rock!

  4. taken from Sister Weekend facebook page says:

    Samantha Rae Strack
    August 28 at 5:50pm.
    Just got my new shirt!! Everyone in the office is obsessed with the idea. Can’t wait to try it on. Thanks Sister Weekend, LLC!!!!!

  5. taken from Sister Weekend facebook page says:

    Robin Clarke Burgess
    August 12 at 12:08am.
    Recently received my ChiChi shirt and really enjoyed wearing it while traveling. It was cool enough when I was walking thru the airport dragging my luggage & working up a sweat and warm enough when the plane was freezing cold! And when I wasn’t wearing it, it rolled up to almost nothing to tuck away in my carry-on! Thanks ladies!

  6. Johanna says:

    I am putting your shirt to the ultimate test. I am wearing it while cooking Rosh Hashanah dinner. You see, I don’t have hot flashes anymore – but now that my body’s thermostat has been reset by menopause, any temp over 80 makes me sweat like it’s a hobby. So I put it on and within about 5 minutes my body cooled off and I’m nice and dry. The armpits aren’t even damp. I’ll be fresh as a daisy when company comes later. Fabulous shirt – fabulous product. I think I’ll buy one for my friend who’s about to give birth. Remember how bad those post-partum night sweats are?

  7. Taken from Sister Weekend facebook page says:

    Norma Kelly
    November 14 at 11:18am

    I LOVE my new Sister Weekend shirts! They are cool, comfy & stylish. The only problem is that I want to wear the same shirt every day! I need black, please! BLACK!

  8. hmarkovits says:

    Black is on its way come spring!

  9. Leslie Tucker says:

    Love love my shirts. Won’t wear anything else to bed. I wear them out as well with my leggings. So comfy. After surgery to remove a breast cancer tumor, I could only wear these shirts. The heat wicking and light button front features were just what I needed while healing. Highly recommend to all females!

  10. Jessica says:

    LOVED my shirt! Now getting another one for my mom 🙂

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